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What Is Template4me?

Template4me is a simple way to create split letter designs and other designs like shown above. All you have to do is type what you want the sign to say and select the font styles and done! If you want to add a swirl all you have to do is select a swirl. If you would like to know how it works watch the demo video above. For a free trial contact Andrew (Info Below).

About Us

Our goal is to simplify the process of design. To do this, we make products that bring out the designer in all of us. The key to this is simplifying the path from idea to finished design. We believe that templates are the most effective and efficient way for people to bring their projects to life. Founded by Andrew Petzold in 2019. Template4me is proud to be based in Michigan.

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Andrew Petzold

Lead Developer

I am the Lead Developer for template4me. Thank you for looking at this template system I have created. I decided to make this system for my own use for templating custom designs like split letter monograms. I use to do this all in a 2d design software that was simple to use the only problem was that when ever I would change the font or update the name I would have to go back and adjust the size on the split or name to make it fit right again. So I created template4me which automates the process.


Website Integration

You can now add template4me to your website for your customers.
Your customers can now use template4me and send the design to you!
Integration is a one time fee (lifetime) of $500 right now. In 2024 we plan to change this to a subscription plan at $100 a month.

How to Make a Split Letter Monogram

  1. Open Template4me.com and Sign in.
  2. Type Name and Initial
  3. Select Fonts and Size
  4. Add backgrounds and Images
  5. Adjust Sizes and Positions
  6. Export To SVG


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